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Among the data industries, the medical information field opens up new possibilities for medical data scattered in each hospital.It is an area where future growth potential is expected more.

CEO Message

Awareness of healthy life and interest in values are increasing. In particular, the medical information field is drawing attention as one of the most important fields for us, where the future growth potential is expected more among the data industry by opening new possibilities for scattered medical data in each hospital. The rapid and qualitative growth of the medical industry is a phenomenon not only in Korea but also worldwide. Therefore, for treatment and health care, one patient visits a medical institution as few as many times as many as dozens of times.

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However, there are still many inconveniences related to the use. G&Net started linking patient's information data first with'quick claims for Lomg-term insurance' and is constantly researching to provide better convenience for users in the field of smart healthcare. G&Net will connect and integrate the researched technology into the service experience to provide creative solutions and create new values to lead the medical and health fields.

CEO Dongheon, Kim

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